Is Sony Pictures planning a Spider-Woman movie? Here’s what we know

Following the success of Into the Spider-Verse, Sony is apparently looking to make a live-action feature film introducing Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was one of the biggest cinematic successes Sony has had, especially in the animated arena. So, it was no surprise when plans for a sequel followed, with news that it would feature more female heroes, like Spider-Woman and Silk.

While that sequel film is still in production, recent reports have stated that Sony is also considering making a solo movie for Spider-Woman. While little is known about the project as of yet, the movie will be set in the same universe that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and the Venom movies are.

Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew, debuted in Marvel Comics during the late ’70s and received her own ongoing series right off the bat. In the comics, she received her powers after her mother was bitten by a radioactive spider while carry Jessica in her womb. Though the character was killed a few years later, she would later be resurrected but fell into disuse and was supplanted by other female heroes who took up the Spider-Woman title.

Spider-Woman also had a short-lived animated series that ran on ABC in 1979, which recently experienced a renaissance of sorts when it was included in Disney+’s streaming library. In the animated series, Jessica herself was bitten by a poisonous spider but was saved by her scientist father’s spider serum that bestowed her with powers.

Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman experienced a resurgence in popularity in 2009 when she was made a member of Marvel Comics’ New Avengers team. Jessica was also a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and is best friends with Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel.

This is one of the characters that Sony and Marvel “share,” in that Sony can use both Jessica Drew and Spider-Woman, but Marvel can only use the civilian identity of Jessica Drew without her spider powers. Fingers crossed this one make it to the big screen and maybe one day we will get a Spider-Woman/Captain Marvel buddy team-up movie. As far as casting goes, Supergirl alum Odette Annable has been tossed around as a strong candidate on the internet for quite some time.

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