These 12 television mothers are just downright bad moms

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Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister. Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Not everyone looks forward to Mother’s Day, and if you had one of these bad moms, you might not either. Here are the worst mothers on television.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. For some of us, it’s a day to celebrate our mothers as the lovely, beautiful, selfless humans they are. For others, this day can be fraught with a lot of toxic and negative energy.  This list of bad moms is for those of us who just aren’t in the mood to celebrate.

Sometimes, you just have to lean into the grouchiness the holidays can bring, and reading about this horrible, terrible, no good mothers just might do the trick. You might find a perfect weekend binge while you’re at it!

These moms run the gamut of bad, from just a little light emotional abuse to full on incest and everywhere in between. This list will (hopefully) lift your spirits if Mother’s Day isn’t really your thing. And if it is your thing, this list will remind you to call your mother and thank her for not inadvertently murdering you or slapping your face over a bad haircut.

One warning: The following clips and slides may contain spoilers for the respective shows these moms appear in as well as adult language.