The news is wild today so let’s just talk about why Sirius Black is the best character

Afraid of the internet like I am today? Well, you’re in luck! I’m just here to talk about why I love Sirius Black so much so come join me instead!

Today is pretty wild out there so I’m here to talk about Sirius Black. A character we’ve talked of multiple times here on Wizards and Whatnot, Sirius is the kind of character that has a lot to unpack. Whether it is seeing all he lost throughout his life in prison or watching as he builds a relationship with Harry, it is a bit heartbreaking for us all.

But it does leave us room to talk about all that makes Sirius Black different from other characters in the series. He has a rich history, clouded in mystery, and we can always find something new to talk about with his character.

It’s one of the reasons fans want to see a Mauraders series so badly. Not only because we love the idea of James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew interacting but because Sirius has such a history with each of these characters and we only saw the surface of that relationship within the Harry Potter series.

Do we love characters like Sirius Black because we don’t know that much about them or because they’re wonderful characters all on their own? Who’s to say but we do love him and everything we learn about him and sometimes, that’s just how it is. Maybe we want to know more about Sirius Black and maybe we don’t but either way, we love him.

Avoid the news, talk about your favorite Harry Potter characters instead. Love Sirius Black? Love someone else more? Let us know in the comments below! Let’s just talk about Harry Potter!