Happy birthday to our favorite witch! Have a wonderful day, Emma Watson!

Emma Watson may be the brightest witch of her age but now she’s also 29! The Harry Potter actress is celebrating her birthday today and we’re celebrating her!

She was our first Hermione Granger and has continued to be a wonderful role model for everyone so a very happy birthday goes out to Emma Watson! Turning 29 years-old, the Harry Potter actress has gone on to do amazing work as an actual Disney princess and being a UN ambassador!

She is one of those people that you can easily look up to and proudly support. Emma has always been an advocate for learning and, more importantly, making sure young girls are taken seriously in their own education and in life. When she isn’t acting or working with the UN, Emma has started multiple projects to help encourage reading and getting young people out and in the world, learning and growing as people.

Are we blessed with an amazing woman to be a part of the Harry Potter franchise? Yes! Emma Watson has always been the kind of woman we can look up to and learn from. Which is exactly the kind of person you want playing Hermione Granger. Plus, who wouldn’t love Emma Watson? She’s doing amazing work constantly and reminding us all of her brillance.

She’s a beautiful character and Emma Watson embodies the best aspects of her in real life and we hope that her birthday is just as wonderful and amazing as she is! Here’s to 29, Emma! May you continue to do amazing work and be the role model we all love and look up to!

She’s our Hermione Granger and a wonderful role model to girls everywhere! Have a wonderful birthday, Emma Watson! You deserve it!