Luna Lovegood: The importance of that kind of character to kids everywhere

If you were weird and quirky, someone like Luna Lovegood probably meant the world to you and having a character like that to look up to is extremely important to kids everywhere.

Luna Lovegood was intelligent, clever, but also a bit out there to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Her quirky ways had them judging her and sometimes discounting her importance until she proved she is someone you want to have around. For kids everywhere, that kind of character is extremely important.

For many of us, we are Luna. Just a kid who is a little different from those around us and ready to take on the odds and still remain true to ourselves. Sure, Hermione had her struggles but she changed a bit as she aged. One thing about Luna is that she never really changed from the girl we first met.

Which makes both characters important. Sure, some of us change as we get older but some of us don’t, we still are just as quirky and fun as we were as kids, and that’s what Luna taught us all. We don’t have to change who we are, we don’t have to be a different person to find friends. If we want to wear fun glasses and weird earrings, we can and that’s fine.

Luna Lovegood is a beautiful character, one that we should honor a bit more than we do, and to see her shine throughout the Harry Potter series was a wonderful treat to us all growing up. Also, Evanna Lynch was perfect so she was easy to love in the movies!

Did you relate to Luna Lovegood? Or was a different character a favorite of yours? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!