19 most anticipated films by women in 2019

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A new year brings a new crop of films to be directed by women. Comprised of all genres we look at just 19 to keep on your radar in 2019.

With the arrival of a new year, there’s talk on all sides of the film world regarding female directors. The recent lack of any women directors on this year’s Academy Award Best Directing slate reminded all of us that we need to spend more time actively seeking out films directed by the women.

Online hashtags like #52FilmsByWomen has provided an amazing resource of female-directed content, but 2019 itself also has some great titles. The 19 films assembled here are from all walks of the film world, from the small independent production to the large comic-book film.

Full disclosure, this list was initially up to 30 different films before being pared down. Honorable mentions go out to the Julianne Moore feature Gloria Bell, Carol Morley’s film noir Out of the Blue, Sophie Hyde’s Animals; the Alice Guy-Blache documentary, Be Natural; and the Amy Poehler-directed film Wine Country.

So if anyone tells you there just aren’t enough films directed by women, you can lovingly tell them, “Guess again!” Here are the 19 films directed by women you should be on the lookout for in 2019.