15 Captain Marvel comics you need to read before seeing the movie

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Uncanny X-Men #164 (Cover image via Marvel)

7. Uncanny X-Men #155-167

Yeah, it’s the X-Men. This time around, though, things work out for the better when Carol Danvers crosses paths with everyone’s (mostly) favorite group of mutants, rather than the Avengers mentioned previously. Despite being chased around on an alien planet by the genuinely terrifying Brood, Carol comes out on top, believe me.

We’ve been jumping around the timeline quite a lot, so let’s pause for a quick reminder of where we’re at in the storyline of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. The story has already moved on from the traumatic storyline where Carol was assaulted by Marcus Immortus. She’s left the Avengers, wiped her own identity, and is now going on a brief team-up with the X-Men. Seriously, you didn’t think we were going to write about Marvel and not include the X-Men at some point, did you?

Basically, Carol and the X-Men are minding their own business, more or less, when they’re captured by the alien Brood. To be honest, the Brood are basically ripoffs of the Xenomorphs from the Alien series. The Brood are more intelligent and can actually communicate when they feel like it, but they have the same drive to reproduce via incubating their eggs inside the X-Men.

For all their mutant powers, the X-Men are still human and are relegated to egg hosts for the time being. However, the Brood realize that Carol has a whole bunch of alien Kree DNA floating around in her system, making her a far more interesting scientific subject. The Brood start to experiment on her. That’s bad enough, but somehow the Brood make a serious mistake and set her up with the powers of a “white hole.”

Thus, Danvers emerges as Binary, a superhero with vast cosmic powers. Those powers also served to cut any remaining relationships with her home planet or its people. Binary peaces out once she helps save the X-Men and defeats the Brood.

Of course, that’s not the last we’ll see of Carol Danvers or Binary. She spends some time jaunting around the galaxy with the ultra-groovy Starjammers (including Cyclops’ dad, Corsair, and his alien skunk girlfriend, Hepzibah), but will return to Earth soon enough.