Matthew Lewis stars in new web series Nutritiously Nicola


Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis stars in new web series Nutritiously Nicola. It’s available to watch on YouTube in all its entirety.

If you’re a big fan of Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis, a.k.a Neville Longbottom, you will want to check out the new web series Nutritiously Nicola. The actor stars in two episodes of the dark comedy web series, which is available to watch right now on YouTube.

The series, which offers an insight look into online perfectionism, made it known that Matthew Lewis, along with his brother Anthony Lewis, were getting involved in the series back in 2017. Nutritiously Nicola lasts for a total of seven episodes.

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Focusing on Nicola Woodford, a 20-year-old food blogger, she tries to find success while recovering from an eating disorder. Nutritiously Nicola is inspired by the creator Natalie Bray’s experiences.

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Matthew Lewis’ part in the series is as a version of himself as he stars alongside his brother. He attempts to hire Nicola in an attempt to become more “buff” than a co-star of his from the Wizarding World franchise. You might have heard of him, Daniel Radcliffe.

Both Lewis and his brother don’t appear until the fifth episode, they also appear in the sixth episode as well. Check out the trailer of Nutritiously Nicola just below.

Looks good, right?

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Will you be watching Nutritiously Nicola? Let everyone know what you think of the online series and Matthew Lewis’ performance by dropping a comment just below.

Nutritiously Nicola is officially available to watch now. You can watch it via YouTube here.