14 romantic palettes perfect for your next date

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LORAC Pro Palette 3. Image: LORAC

LORAC PRO Palette 3

When it comes to my own makeup collection, palettes are some of my favorite things, and this LORAC PRO palette is definitely at the top of my favorites list. Not only are the colors versatile, but there is a sense of romance to the shades that were chosen for this particular palette.

There are a combination of matte and shimmery shadows in this collection that include earthy tones as well as soft ones. Perhaps the thing that makes this palette so lovely is the fact that these shadows are not only highly pigmented, but they’re also smooth and versatile. Whether you apply them wet or dry, this palette gives you some stunning date night looks that pop.

I love being able to use one palette for a soft and sultry look or a smokey eye. Another thing that makes this the perfect option for date night looks is the fact that the shadows are good for sensitive skin, while also nourishing and protecting the delicate skin. I never feel like my eyelids are weighed down when I wear this shadow, and I love how blendable these colors are.

Beyond the romantic aspect of these shadows, I find these colors perfect for springtime looks. And whether you choose the neutral shades or the rosy colors, there are plenty of options to make your next date night look pop.

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