14 romantic palettes perfect for your next date

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BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love palette. Image: BH Cosmetics.

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette

From the name to the colors themselves, this is one of those palettes that seems perfect for a romantic date night. If you have ever walked through Ulta and seen the stunning BH Cosmetics palettes in the center aisles, you already know that even the packaging on these products is unique and pretty. But, what makes this particular palette our pick for a romantic date night has more to do with the variety of shades and less to do with the name itself (although that definitely helps).

Not only is the name perfect for a date night makeup collection, but these shades scream perfection. From the sun-kissed to the cosmic, there is something for everyone and every occasion. And the fact that there are more than just the standard neutrals and pinks means that this is one of the most versatile palettes we are likely to add to this list.

This collection features 12 baked shadows in a shimmery finish, as well as 12 shadows in a matte finish for a wide range of options and looks. Plus, on top of the 24 stunning eyeshadows, you also have a highlighter to make this palette pure perfection.

Just looking at this palette makes you think of elegance and romance, but there are also hints of fun and whimsy. And as someone who has used this particular palette, I can tell you that you will love the colors and the variety that comes from having this addition to your makeup stash.

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