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Kara’s noble intentions have unforeseen consequences in the latest Supergirl episode. Find out how you can watch “Parasite Lost” below.

Five episodes into its current season, Supergirl looks to continue a run as strong as any the show has ever had. Last week’s “Ahimsa” provided a relatively breezy chaser to the intensity of Agent Liberty origin story “Man of Steel,” following Kara, Alex, J’onn, and Brainy as they struggled to cope with frustration. On the surface, it was a standard, albeit entertaining, villain-of-the-week episode.

Don’t dismiss it as filler, though. For starters, “Ahimsa” not only introduced Manchester Black, but also included an entire arc for him. When J’onn meets him, the smooth-talking vigilante has left his violent past behind, inspired by his fiancée Fiona to adopt a dogma of nonviolence. But at the end of the episode, Fiona is dead, and we see Black stocking up on weapons. On the plus side, Mercy and Otis Graves are off the board now, killed by the alien whose powers they sought to exploit.

It’s a bit of a shame; while Otis won’t be missed, Mercy was fun and shared a compellingly tense dynamic with Agent Liberty that could have developed into something bigger. Still, getting rid of unnecessary characters is rarely a bad idea. With Red Daughter waiting in the wings, Supergirl has plenty going on.

This week’s episode, titled “Parasite Lost,” puts superhero activity on the back burner to focus on bureaucracy and PR. Take a look at the official synopsis below, courtesy of The CW:

THE POWER OF THE PEN — Colonel Haley makes a surprising decision regarding Supergirl. Kara writes a series of articles highlighting aliens in National City in the hopes that humans will stop being so fearful of them. Unfortunately, the article puts some of the aliens in harm’s way.

Normally, a plot about Kara doing journalism would make me nervous; as I’ve noted probably too many times, Supergirl’s portrayal of the media plays rather fast and loose with reality. But “profiles of local aliens” is actually a good story idea. Will this be the long-awaited episode that makes Kara look like a competent journalist? Stay tuned to find out!

David Mcwhirter directs the episode from a script by Maria Maggenti and Aadrita Mukerji.

Date: Sunday, Nov. 11

Start time: 8 p.m. Eastern

Episode: “Parasite Lost”

TV Channel: The CW

Live Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on The CW website or app.

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Supergirl airs Sundays as part of The CW’s Sunday night line-up.

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