Where are our favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters now?

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NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 15: Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar visits the LinkedIn studios on December 15, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Buffy

Her place in the Buffy-verse: Well… she was the universe, folks. Sarah Michelle Gellar may not have invented the role of Buffy Summers, but she definitely immortalized it. She embodied a new kind of young, fresh feminism, and pretty much made vampires cool again. (Edward and Bella can thank her later.)

A far cry from the feature film character of the same name, Gellar’s Buffy was concerned with the vapid goings-on with her teenage life, but she was also smart, capable, and pretty much invincible. What other hero can kick all the ass in red leather pants?

Her post-Buffy career: Gellar was a ’90s it-girl and made some major contributions to the film canon of the time. Her role as Kathryn in Cruel Intentions might be the most auspicious offering, and really revealed how well she can play scheming and sinister. We can’t forget her role in The Grudge, which may have been one of the scariest movies of my early twenties. She went on to do the Scooby Doo movies, playing Daphne opposite her now-husband Freddie Prinze Jr.

Where is she now? Sadly, Gellar hasn’t been able to find a major vehicle that is suitable for the former slayer. In 2012, she played evil twins in the short-lived CW series Ringer. She also starred with the late Robin Williams in The Crazy Ones, which did not get the attention it deserved. These days, she’s doing a lot of voice-over work, lending her talents to the likes of Robot Chicken and Star Wars Rebels.