Where are our favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters now?

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TORONTO, ON – SEPTEMBER 08: Actors Tom Lenk (C) and Reed Diamond (R) and guest attend the “Much Ado About Nothing” premiere during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival at The Elgin Theatre on September 8, 2012 in Toronto. (Photo by Sarjoun Faour Photography/Getty Images)

Tom Lenk – Andrew

His place in the Buffy-verse: As part of the trio with Jonathan and Warren, he was about as hapless as they come. Tom Lenk played Andrew as meek and flinching, hellbent on getting even with all the bullies who were mean to him and the girls that rejected him.

Never ones to be hard-hearted, the Scooby Gang gave him the chance he always wanted – to be a part of the group – but only after they had to tie him up and keep him in the basement. He was a lot of trouble, but it turned out he was an okay guy. In fact, through a continuation of the character’s story on the spin-off Angel, he became a watcher under the mentorship of Rupert Giles.

His post-Buffy career: Over the years, he popped up in a show here and there, playing tiny roles on Six Feet Under, Joey, House, and How I Met Your Mother. In 2012, he cashed in on his Joss Whedon relationship to star in Cabin in the Woods and Much Ado About Nothing.

Where is he now? Since his stint on Lifetime’s Witches of East End as bookworm Hudson Rafferty, we haven’t heard much from him. However, he’s set to star in the Australian series Kick as David Wasp.