12 books you should read this fall based on your zodiac sign

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Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Sagittarius personality traits involve being curious and idealistic, as well as having a solid sense of humor. They also value freedom, disliking anything that stands in their path when it comes to achieving it. So, for Sagittarius readers, we recommend picking up Hank Green’s first novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.

The premise of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is a strange one, but knowing Green, he’ll be sure to make up for that — especially if his prose are as comical as his Youtube videos. The book follows 23-year-old April May after she makes a video with a strange sculpture she finds on the way home from work. The video goes viral, and she’s left to deal with the consequences.

Not only does April need to figure out what these strange sculptures that are cropping up all over the world are, but she needs to figure out how to deal with her newfound fame and its effects on her life. An Absolutely Remarkable Thing comes out on September 25.