Is Mrs. Norris a Maledictus in Harry Potter?


We recently learned about a very important Maledictus in the Fantastic Beasts series which has raised an interesting question. Is Mrs. Norris a Maledictus in the Harry Potter series?

Lot’s of Fantastic Beasts news flying around yesterday, the final trailer dropped for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald where we learned that Claudia Kim, known only as “A Maledictus,” is Nagini. The future loyal snake of Lord Voldemort. Lot’s of discussions and questions are being had surrounding this topic, but there is one question above all else that I want to talk about, is Mrs. Norris a Maledictus in the Harry Potter series?

Mrs. Norris, as many of you will know, is the faithful and loyal pet cat of the grumpy old caretaker Argus Filch. Wherever one goes, you can surely bet the other is not far behind. An uncanny bond the two have with each other, it is as if their stories are much deeper than what meets the eye.

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The only other person I can recall from the Harry Potter series that has such a unique and special bond with their pet, was Lord Voldemort and Nagini. We have now learned, thanks to the new Fantastic Beasts movie, that there is a really good explanation for this. Nagini was once human, so is going to be much smarter than your average snake, and able to form much stronger bonds with people.

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Is this the same thing with Mrs. Norris? Was she once human? A Maledictus? It would certainly explain why she is much smarter than the average cat.

It may even explain why Filch is, well, Filch. Prepare to get your tissues out, everyone.

Mr. Filch is a grumpy git, always has been, and probably always will be, but is that because someone he loved turned into a cat one day and couldn’t turn back? His wife? A daughter perhaps?

And before anybody says it, being a Squib wouldn’t be a contributing factor in this case. J.K. Rowling has already explained that a Maledictus is a curse of the blood passed from mother to daughter. So, it wouldn’t matter if Filch was a Squib or the best Wizard in the world, it wouldn’t.

So is it possible that Mrs. Norris is someone much closer to Filch than what we thought? And that the constant reminder of what he once had is too hard, so renamed her Mrs. Norris?

Heck, if this is right J.K. Rowling you have gone and done a number on Filch. No longer will I see him as the grumpy old caretaker, but a man who has probably lost what is most dear to him?

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What do you think? Is Mrs. Norris a Maledictus? Have we just discovered the terrible reason why Filch is the way he is? Share your thought by dropping a comment below.