Fantastic Beasts: Why did we have to change Nagini in the first place?


Of all the things to change in the Harry Potter series, why would they change Nagini to the point where fans are angry about the new movie?

With all the new Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald footage that we got today, the most upsetting to fans seemed to be the news about Nagini. Not only is the development sexist and racist, but it was also just thrown away by Warner Brothers by giving the spoiler away in the trailer.

Nagini has always been Voldemort’s beloved pet and that was what we accepted her as. To turn her into a woman who has seemingly just made herself a servant for years? No thank you. Granted, we don’t know the context of switch and maybe “Nagini” is her name and she has a significance to Tom Riddle to make him name his pet after her.

But chances are that there will be some way that Nagini is, in fact, the beloved pet and that doesn’t make any sense because when Neville killed her, wouldn’t she have turned back into a woman? Or did the crew at Warner Brothers just forget that she was murdered by Neville in the final battle at Hogwarts?

It’ll be interesting to see what they do and hopefully that means that we’ll get some answers about Nagini and her connection to Creedence Barebone. Are they going to have something to do with Lord Voldemort?

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