Insecure preview: Molly and Issa are taking thirst to a whole new level


Molly and Issa seem to be in an unwitting contest to find out who can be the most pressed over a guy. My money’s on Molly but it’s anyone’s game.

The preview for this week’s episode was short and sweet.

Issa still hasn’t heard from Nathan in over a week since he gave his statement for the Lyft investigation and she’s starting to worry. While I understand Issa’s concern, especially since the two just exchanged “I really like yous,” I think Issa might be being a bit overzealous too early in the relationship.

We learn that Molly took Andrew up on his offer for a date, but it doesn’t seem to be going smoothly. In one scene, Molly is flexing her sarcasm muscles and mentions that she might be too sober to realize that she and Andrew were on a date. Not the greatest way to start off a new fling, but maybe Molly’s lack of inhibition will work in her favor by giving her a chance to be herself without worrying so much about things being perfect.

The preview concludes with the two ladies trekking to Andrew’s place — with Issa clad in pajamas. Honestly I don’t know what they’re doing there or why both of them need to go. Molly showing up will probably already be weird enough since she and Andrew just started hanging out, but dragging your friend along in their PJs will absolutely not score you any bae points.

At this point in the season, the previews are getting shorter and showing less. This probably means that there will be plenty of plot twists hidden within the episode. While this season hasn’t been quite as eventful as the first two, I’m thinking that with these last two episodes the drama will pick up quite a bit.

I mean, why bring back Lawrence, introduce a rift in Kelli and Tiffany’s friendship and give Molly and Issa new love interests if the season isn’t meant to go out with a bang?

Watch the preview for Insecure‘s next episode here:

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