What your Harry Potter Funko Pop collection says about you


Funko Pops are a part of every fans life but what does your collection say about you? Who in the Harry Potter series do you have in your home?

The new craze in nerdom are Funko Pops. The dolls with little bodies and bigger heads have invaded our homes and all of us just want more and more of them. But what does your Funko collection say about you?

Whether it is having them in their boxes still or being the kind of person to have them out and displayed around your room says enough about your before even looking at the specific dolls themselves.

For me, my only Harry Potter Funko is Sirius Black. He’s my favorite character and has been since I was a child and he is the only character that I could buy a Funko of and not feel like I’m missing part of a collection.

You can’t have Harry without Ron and Hermione and vice versa. I don’t care enough to have a Severus Snape one and Dumbledore would mean that Minerva would have to also be purchased. So a Sirius Funko was no brainer. Then again, someone else might disagree.

That’s the beauty of these collectible items. They’re completely up to us and how we want to keep them. But it would be nice if we had an entire Marauders line of Funko dolls because then I’d have to really consider getting all four of them just because they’re a complete set of friends that deserve to go together.

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Do you have Funko pops? Are any of them your favorite characters from the Harry Potter series? Share which Funkos you collection and let’s see who everyone loves from Rowling’s famed series!