The power of the score of the Harry Potter series to fans


There is nothing more emotional to a Harry Potter fan than hearing Hedwig’s Theme. So we’re talking the importance of the score the series!

Whenever a Harry Potter movie starts and we first hear that score, there is something so mesmerizing to us fans. Listening as “Hedwig’s Theme” plays over the opening credits reminds us what we’re about to see. For so many of us, it still holds an emotional connection to us.

Maybe it is because we like to listen to the score in our free time to calm us or maybe it is just that it is a beautiful score. Either way, we’re seemingly drawn to revisiting the music that filled the series with joy. Everyone has their favorite score and most of the time it correlates to whatever their favorite movies was.

For me, I love “Harry and Hermione” even though my favorite movie in the series is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Which is probably because Harry and Hermione are my favorite couple in the series.

Still, there is something very powerful about the score of the series. It ties everything together and reminds us of some of our favorite moments. So of course we still want to revisit it from time to time. To be honest, it probably won’t ever get old to us.

For so long, it was the soundtrack to the movies we loved so it is always going to have a special place in our hearts. And who doesn’t love listening to “Hedwig’s Theme” from time to time?

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Do you like to listen to the score from the Harry Potter series? Which is your favorite song? Sound off in the comments below and let us know which is your favorite!