Mayans M.C. season 1 episode 3 live stream: Watch online


With the promise of more tension ahead, Mayans M.C. will premiere its third episode tonight, and we’ve got all you need to know about “Búho/Muwan.”

Mayans M.C. put some more relationships into greater context, including the one between EZ and Emily Galindo — otherwise known as the wife of the cartel boss that EZ’s club is now doing occasional work for. Now, whether or not we’ll get more of those reveals in this week’s episode, “Búho/Muwan,” isn’t necessarily clear at first glance.

However, the synopsis seems to suggest that at the very least, things are going to change between already-established connections, like Angel and EZ.

Here is is, via FX:

"The M.C. alliances are tested and the Galindo family adopts unconventional methods."

When synopses are this short, paying attention to every single word is paramount, and the use of adopts in particular is quite striking. Much of last week’s episode pointed out that things don’t look good for young Cristobal Galindo, and as he might be the heir to his father’s empire, losing him would seem to be a huge blow on its face.

But perhaps those “unconventional methods” involve looking to other members of the family to see if another heir is available. It’d certainly strain Miguel and Emily’s marriage, but it already looks like there are fractures there anyway. What’s one more? (Well, it might push her to EZ again, which probably won’t end well, but it’s early in the season, and she might be torn for a while yet.)

As for the reference to “M.C. alliances,” Angel’s big reveal from last week might have big ramifications this week, or there may be something new in play there as well. Here’s hoping for some shakeups.

"Date: Tuesday, Sept. 18Episode: “Búho/Muwan”Start time: 10 p.m. EasternTV Channel: FXLive stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. Here’s FX’s live stream."

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