Hermione Granger: What she taught to readers everywhere


When it comes to strong women, Hermione Granger is always one of the first listed. But what did her character do for the readers of the world?

Hermione Granger is known for a great many things. She’s smart, loyal, dedicated to learning and her friends, and she loves books. With everything that the series revealed about her, one of the most important moments came when we, as readers, realized that she loved to read and cherished books.

For so many years, our heroes could be Belle and, even then, she was mocked for her love of reading. Hermione, while mocked, never let it phase her and proved time and time again what reading could do. She could easily let those making fun of her get to her and stop her but she doesn’t. She uses what she learns to help those around her to defeat Voldemort.

Hermione taught us that even when people don’t believe in us, when they want to trash us, we can rise above it. It is a great message for children who are bullied. Throughout the series, Hermione is made fun of in school for her knowledge, her parents, and everything else about her. The way she deals with it is surrounding herself with people who understand her and letting the others be proven wrong by how amazing she is.

To all the readers out there: Keep doing it for Hermione Granger. She’d want us using our brains for good and trying to save the world in whatever way that we can! Do it for Hermione.

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Did Hermione make reading cooler to you? Were you more accepting of loving books because she did? Sound off in the comments below and tell us what Hermione Granger means to you!