Adam Driver will host Saturday Night Live’s season opener, but Kanye West’s the musical guest


Saturday Night Live has announced its host and musical act for its 44th season. Let’s just say… it’s part good, and part bad.

Who would have thought wanting to join the Dark Side would be a better option than cherishing a musical act? To put things into perspective, Saturday Night Live announced the first guest and musical act for its 44th season, and it’s not 100 percent what we were hoping for.

It’s not the Crazy Rich Asians star we all wanted, but to lead the first episode, Star Wars and BlacKkKlansman actor Adam Driver will host for a second time. And as for the musical act… it’s none other than Kanye West.

If it were a different time or a different place, sure, we could celebrate Kanye’s return to the SNL stage. But for now, we have to ask “Why, oh, why, SNL, would you ruin such a good thing for pure guy Adam Driver?”

For now, having Kanye host might be good for views. But it seems like that was the same thing they were thinking when they had Donald Trump host a few seasons back. After really taking a turn this year (e.g., “Slavery was a choice”), Kanye definitely has not been the man he used to be. And fans haven’t been so receptive to the way Ye’s been acting as of late. He did recently apologize for the slavery comment, but it’s going to take a while to heal from everything that he’s done this year.

On a brighter note, we are excited to have Adam Driver back. The actor’s had a great track record since he last appeared on the show. And we’re really (really) hoping we can get another great Star Wars sketch like Undercover Ren.

In our darkest of nightmares, the two might appear in a sketch together. We can only imagine the horrors of Adam Driver next to Kanye in those Roblok-like suits that he wore in his “I Love It” music video… Okay, maybe that might be the one redeeming thing Kanye could do. Only because it’d be hilarious to see Adam dressed up like that.

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As long as Kanye can behave on the SNL stage (which we can guess he’ll be making no promises), he’ll be okay. The bright side is you can always skip through or ignore the musical act.  But please, Kayne, just don’t interrupt Adam during his opening bit to say Beyoncé had the best monologue of all time.