Stephen Colbert addresses hurricanes and op-eds


In an opening monologue that hit notes of disgust, somberness, and the expected laughs, Stephen Colbert talked about hurricanes and more.

From the very start of last night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, it was clear that something was not sitting right with Stephen Colbert. The opening monologue is usually an opportunity for him to make some riffing jokes — some of which he himself finds funny, if his occasional smiles are any indication — but this was something different.

First, he opened by asking those affected by Hurricane Florence to “stay safe,” although he did find a moment to tease The Weather Channel for the new attempt it made to illustrate how high waters can get during a storm. But that wasn’t the only hurricane mentioned last night.

Watch the clip below:

Outlets like The Wrap have focused on this aspect of the monologue as well, and The Wrap has also transcribed Colbert’s response. However, here’s some further reading material. In the monologue, Colbert mentions an article in the New York Times, which dates back to late August, about the death toll in Puerto Rico. If you’re looking to help either those affected by Hurricane Maria or Hurricane Florence, Charity Navigator has assembled a list for good charities to give to for Maria, and CNN has a list for Florence.

As for the other topics addressed in the monologue, here’s what he cites, along with some supporting evidence. First, the Washington Post has written about what may happen if Jeff Sessions is indeed fired as Attorney General. Second, here’s the article about James Mattis from The Hill, as well as the original reporting from Politico. Finally, the New York Daily News op-ed in question, from Barbara Res, is here.

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Tonight’s episode of The Late Show will feature Anna Kendrick.