Insecure season 3 episode 6 preview: Lawrence and Dro return


Once again, a party thrown by Tiffany is a landmine for awkward ex-encounters for Molly and Issa on this week’s episode of Insecure.

He’s baaaaack

Hate it or love it, Lawrence has a prominent role in the latest preview for Insecure. The episode takes place immediately after he and Issa run into each other at the 7-11.

Issa asks Lawrence what he’s been up to and we see a montage of Lawrence living the single life, canoodling with the ladies and actively embracing regular shaves, haircuts and stylish clothes. Yay progress!

However, the preview shows Lawrence tiring of his life as a bachelor and sharing his woes with Chad and Derek. Perpetual drink slurper Chad assures Lawrence that nothing is wrong with his player lifestyle but married man Derek asks Lawrence if he’d consider taking Issa back.

The preview cuts to Lawrence and Issa presumably on the phone, then again at Tiffany’s baby shower. The last scene of the preview shows Lawrence with Dro, so Molly’s willpower will also be put to the test this time around.

Like I said last week, anyone who thought Lawrence would just disappear into the ether after two seasons and five years with Issa was kidding themselves. Lawrence may be tiring of his player-moonlighting-as-a-good-dude persona, but even with his desire for companionship, I’m not sure he’s healed enough to want to jump into a relationship with Issa. Plus, I doubt he’ll take it well if he learns that Issa lived with Daniel (however briefly) and still has some sort of friendship with him.

We don’t see much of Molly in the preview but with Dro making an appearance you can bet there will be some issues to address. Also, since this is a social gathering, it’s possible Candice will be there, which can only make things so much better for Molly (I hope you’re all drowning in my sarcasm).

Watch a preview Insecure‘s next episode:

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You can watch Insecure on HBO this Sunday at 9:30 p.m. ET.