Sirius Black: Why he’s still our favorite character after all this time


Even after all these years, Sirius Black is still one of the best characters in the Harry Potter series and we can’t help but love him more!

It is easy to figure out who your favorite character is in the Harry Potter series and, for many, that’s Sirius Black. He’s someone that people can look to for hope and they suddenly found someone who wanted to help Harry in a way that no one else had attempted.

Before Sirius came into his life, Harry didn’t really have anyone who’s sole goal was to make sure he was okay. Sure, people cared about him and wanted him to be happy but Sirius only had Harry and vice versa. They were together and looking out for each other.

James Potter was Sirius’s best friend and whether he was doing it because he cared for Harry or because it was a connection to his old friend is still up in the air. But either way, it is a sad relationship to look at. Harry never had a real connection back to his parents until he went to Hogwarts.

With Sirius, it was the closest thing he could ever have to his father and Sirius just wanted to feel a sense of normalcy after spending time in Azkaban. Together, they could help each other and it truly made us love Sirius Black in a way that may not have happened otherwise. He just wanted to help Harry and Harry wanted to be connected to his parents.

It was a lovely relationship and we wish we could have seen more of it in the series.

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