The next Game of Thrones series might have character descriptions


With Game of Thrones looking to expand its genre dominance, it’s possible, though not confirmed, that the next series might be casting.

This doesn’t quite fall into the realm of conspiracy theory, but it seems awfully close at first glance. Game of Thrones has a follow-up series with a pilot order. Naturally, to make a pilot, you need a cast, among other things. Fansite Watchers on the Wall has discovered some character descriptions that may (or may not) be for that series.

However, if these descriptions (which are in both Norwegian and English and on two different sites) are for the series, then it’s the best look we’ve had so far into the characters we may meet in this series whenever it should premiere. Since yours truly can’t read Norwegian, English option it is!

Notably, three of the four roles listed here are meant for women. All of them are quite young, as the oldest role’s age range is 24-32; even the male role lists a range of 17-22. (That’s quite a span; someone who’s 22 looks a lot different than their 17-year-old counterparts.)

Compared to Game of Thrones, where some of the major characters start the story out as young teens or children, it seems we might get some slightly older characters as part of the regular cast. Although watching the Starks and Daenerys Targaryen in particular grow up over the course of Game of Thrones has been a pleasure, it’s good that the show won’t have the exact same cast makeup. There’s an opportunity here to do something new with the familiar world, and that should extend to characters as well. At the same time, we’d be surprised if we don’t see at least one Stark at minimum.

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Granted, this only shows four roles, so it’s not like there isn’t room for other characters. Moreover, it seems wise to reiterate that this may not even be for the series, although there’s plenty of smoke.