Insecure season 3 episode 5 preview: Insecure and Beyoncé collide in this week’s episode


This week on Insecure, Issa and her girls head to Beyche-I mean-Coachella. Edges will be snatched and, knowing the Insecure gang, lives will be treated.

The latest preview of Insecure revolves around the girls taking a trip to the Coachella music festival (yes, that one).

I, for one, couldn’t be happier that Issa Rae decided to include such a historical event as the back drop for this week’s episode. As someone whose life was permanently changed by seeing Queen Bey just last week, I’m here for this trip. Everyone should see Beyoncé slay at least once, and what better way to do it than with your girlfriends?

Since this episode takes place a few months back when Beyoncé debuted her tour performance to the world (and brought back Destiny’s Child), I want to see Issa, Kelli, Tiffany and Molly’s reactions. I’m positive they died and went to heaven when Kelly and Michelle rose out of the stage. But I digress.

In episode 5, the ladies of Insecure take in everything Coachella weekend has to offer. This includes pool parties, nice homes and…a variety of intoxicating substances. Kelli starts off the “High-Like” mess by eating an edible. Liquor flows freely and at one point, Molly yells into the Coachella crowd for a laptop. Heaven only knows what she was tripping off of.

At another point in the preview, Issa says, “we’re all high.” I assume she’s only talking about herself, Kelli and Molly, as I’m sure pregnant diva Tiffany wouldn’t consume alcohol or drugs during her pregnancy. But who knows? Maybe it’s possible to get faded off of Preggy Pops.

You can watch the preview for episode 5 down below:

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There doesn’t seem to be a ton of drama heading into this week’s episode. Just four friends having a raucous time. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from this season, it’s that previews can be incredibly misleading.