Stephen Colbert talks about all the new reading material he has lately


From referring to Reading Rainbow to commenting on the already-infamous New York Times op-ed, Stephen Colbert had a lot to read from on last night’s show.

It’s only Thursday, and yet, in the past two days, a new Bob Woodward book has gotten an announcement, and the New York Times has published an anonymous op-ed coming from inside the White House. Unsurprisingly, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert had time to address both on last night’s show before getting past the monologue.

Woodward’s book, Fear, has already had parts discussed in the press despite not coming out until next week on Tuesday. Colbert cited both the Washington Post and the Times‘ article on the book in his opening monologue, and it’s clear that those two articles served as inspiration for the part where Colbert’s show went back to the classic show Reading Rainbow to show how Woodward’s book may have earned the title.

Ultimately, the skit may have its funniest moment by following up Fear with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. However, it seems like that choice was made quite deliberately since the book is about a mouse that just keeps taking and taking once you give.

Here’s the Reading Rainbow skit:

Meanwhile, here’s Colbert’s full opening monologue, where he pointed out how chief of staff John Kelly may have a “form letter” for when stories come out about his relationship to Donald Trump. (That appeared in the articles about Fear.)

Yes, the “form letter” Colbert reveals is funny. However, it does seem a bit strange that the responses from this past spring and here in late summer are basically the same thing. That’s perhaps an understatement, frankly.

With the Brett Kavanaugh hearings continuing into a third day, it seems as though Colbert might get to address them again on tonight’s show — particularly with Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) already talking about breaking Senate rules.

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