Get ready for Outlander’s season 4 premiere with these 10 episodes

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“The Battle Joined” (Season 3, Episode 1)

What happens: This episode, like much of the first half of season 3, features Claire and Jamie’s parallel stories — 200 years apart — after they’re separated by the events of “Dragonfly in Amber.”

In 1948, Claire and Frank relocate to Boston and try to make their sham of a marriage work. There’s a lot of tension between them, but things become better (temporarily) when Claire gives birth to Brianna and agrees to raise her with Frank.

In 1746, Jamie just barely survives Culloden, where he killed Black Jack Randall in battle. Rupert and the other Culloden survivors are executed by the redcoats. One of the British soldiers, Lord Melton — fulfilling a very important code of honor or something — spares Jamie’s life because Jamie previously refrained from killing Melton’s brother, John Grey.

Why it’s important: This episode wraps up the Black Jack Randall arc and establishes the connection between Jamie and John Grey, something Outlander will return to several times throughout the season.

“The Battle Joined” also kicks off a prolonged state of sadness for both Claire and Jamie. Claire can barely stand to be around Frank, and it’s obvious from the beginning, their decision to stay married and raise Brianna together is a mistake. As for Jamie, he’d rather die than be saved by Melton because surviving would mean he sent Claire back through the stones for no reason.

Bottom line: Jamie and Claire are both fairly insufferable in the first eps of season 3. (You’re suffering. WE GET IT.) Their separation is annoying, but at least it makes their reunion that much more exciting.

The best part: Rupert finding a wounded Jamie on the battlefield, and refusing to leave him to die. Rupert was mostly used as comic relief on the series, but Outlander sure did send him out on a high note.