Sirius Black and the life he could have had with Harry Potter


When it comes to relationships that could have been wonderful in the Harry Potter series, there is none greater than that of Sirius Black and his fatherly relationship with Harry.

Sirius Black could have given so much more. And maybe this is something that is continually said but it is true. When he was taken by Bellatrix, it wasn’t fair. We’d only just begun to understand this man who lost everything, including his best friend.

Here’s the thing about Sirius as a character: We only know stories. From what we see of him in the books or on screen, he is mysterious. Mainly because there is an entire unexplored part of his character with the Marauders. We’re all asking for the series not because we just want more Harry Potter content (even though we do) but rather because it means that we’d get to understand Sirius a bit more.

While the actual storyline we’re following in Harry Potter is interesting to us, there is so much unexplored potential in the rest of the series as well. Rowling provides us with these incredible characters and, obviously, we want to learn more about them. Who wouldn’t want to see what else we could find out about Remus Lupin?

With Sirius Black though, many of us just want to see what his life could have been like if he ended up being the father figure Harry needed in his life. For so long, Harry had no one but then Sirius came into his life and many just wish that could have been explored more.

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