It’s the night before the students return to Hogwarts!


It’s time to get back to Hogwarts as the students of the wizarding world prepare to board the train and go back to witches and wizards.

That time of year has come again as the students of Hogwarts prepare to go back to witches and wizards and magical beasts. On September 1, the students will board the Hogwarts express and start their journey to magic.

Here’s the thing about being a fan of the Harry Potter series: we all wanted to go to school on September 1. If someone offered us a chance to go to Hogwarts, we’d be there without a second thought. That’s maybe why we all get emotional when we’re in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

It is something we’ve always wanted to be a part of. It’s simple, growing up we all wanted to get our letter in the mail. Many of us, even as adults, are still waiting for our letter to tell us that we’re going to Hogwarts. It is to the point where many parents use the letters as a way of telling their kids they get to go to the theme park.

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So to actually ride the Hogwarts Express and get to go to school is a dream that many fans still have. Granted, we know it can’t happen, but we like to honor those days that mean something in the Harry Potter series.

So yes, we love that Harry and all his friends would get ready to go to school on September 1 and, tonight, they’d all be anxious to be a part of the magic once more. At least, the rest of us are.

Get ready to go back to school and remember, we can always go home to Hogwarts!