Dragons in the Harry Potter series: What would happen if Hagrid kept Norbert?


Hagrid has a big heart but his home isn’t big enough for his love of his dragon, Norbert. But what if he got to keep him in the end?

As kids, reading about Hagrid having to say goodbye to Norbert, we were all angry. And rightfully so, we didn’t want to see Hagrid have to lose his pet. But thinking about it now as an adult, where was he going to keep a dragon at Hogwarts?

Sure, Norbert was small and cute when we saw him in the movie but he was a dragon. He wasn’t going to stay that tiny and, in the process, it meant that Hagrid would have to a) try to keep a dragon hidden and b) would have to feed it.

Maybe revisiting the series as an adult isn’t going to be great because when we were kids, watching Hagrid have Norbert taken from him by Charlie Weasley was so sad. Now, it logically makes the most sense. It’s still sad because Hagrid very clearly loves Norbert but like Hagrid, what were you going to do with a dragon?

Starting to think like our parents, we want to know the logistics of the series and I’d rather not wonder if Hagrid thought about whether or not he could keep Norbert hidden and for how long he was planning on keeping him. Then again, he had Fluffy and kept Fluffy hidden so maybe Hagrid is better at this stuff than we give him credit for.

After all, where did he even find an animal like Fluffy in the first place?

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Do you think Hagrid should have kept Norbert or was it for the best? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!