Harry Potter and Nearly Headless Nick: The odd friendship


While Harry Potter has some interesting characters in his life, no one beats the ghost Nearly Headless Nick and his connection to the Boy Who Lived.

Of all the ghosts in the Harry Potter series, Nearly Headless Nick has quite the relationship with Harry. Maybe it is because he is the house ghost of Gryffindor but whenever we see him throughout the series, he seems to really be there to help Harry exclusively.

So why did Nearly Headless Nick choose Harry and his friends? Well, first, it is important to recognize that we’re only seeing part of the story. We’re seeing what directly effects Harry and his friends throughout the entire series. Harry Potter is about Harry Potter and that means we don’t get to see how the ghosts interact with the other houses.

But something tells us that Nearly Headless Nick choosing to focus his energy on Harry is interesting. To be quite honest, I think that the ghosts know what Harry has to do and are trying to help him on the journey there.

They can’t necessarily speak out and tell Harry what is to come in his life but from the way they help him, especially with Nick, it is almost as if they are just there to guide him to where he needs to go. Or at least Peeves does in the books which is a crazy thing to think about.

So Harry’s relationship with Nearly Headless Nick is interesting but might be a necessary thing to help him on his journey to take down Voldemort. It’s made sense if they knew what the future held for Harry.

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