Harry Potter and Hedwig: The true friendship of the series


A boy and his pet is important in any series but with the Harry Potter series, it is especially important with Harry Potter and Hedwig.

Hedwig and Harry Potter have a long-standing history. The two were first introduced to each other by Hagrid and since became inseparable. While it can be said that Hedwig needed Harry for food and care, it can also be said that Harry needed Hedwig.

He turned to her whenever he was alone and made sure that she was there for him as a companion. Which is why they are the friendship of the series. Whenever things got tough, Harry at least always had Hedwig with him. Whether it was at school or at the Dursleys, she was at his side.

She died to protect Harry and, while one sided, it showed to him how much she was willing to give up for him. These pets in the Harry Potter series are with them day in and day out, helping the children learn and while Hedwig was not just a normal pet, she still went to class with Harry and had to go with him throughout his life at Hogwarts.

So Hedwig and Harry, while not the standard friendship, are arguably closer than any two characters throughout the series. He did end up talking to her a lot when he was trapped at the Dursleys and Hedwig did make sure to always be there whenever Harry needed a pick me up from his studies. They’re the best two and it was incredible watching them.

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Do you think Hedwig and Harry were best friends? Or do you think he should have had a different pet? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!