Avengers 4 fan theory: Thanos doesn’t really have all the Infinity Stones


When it comes to Avengers 4, we don’t know what is going to happen to our favorite characters, but what if Thanos doesn’t really have the Stones at all?

There are plenty of fan theories out there about Avengers 4, and many include Loki not dying in the beginning of the movie. While his character is seemingly gone from the franchise entirely, as the Russo brothers have said that everyone who died is actually dead, what if Loki never died in the first place?

We know that he is the trickster god, and he’s constantly messing with Thor in a way that makes it hard to trust him. He’s particularly good at blurring the line between truth and falsehood. Here’s our theory to spare ourselves from the pain of Loki’s Avengers: Infinity War death: what if he manages to use the Reality Stone, making everything we’re seeing what he wants Thanos to believe?

It wouldn’t be outlandish. If Thor and Loki knew about Thanos’ plans, they could have begun working together to stop it. Fans have already theorized that the Hulk doesn’t appear because the Bruce Banner we see is really Loki in disguise.

So what if Banner is somewhere else, while Loki is really pretending to be Bruce to keep up the illusion with Thanos? Granted, it is outlandish. However, it would make stopping Thanos from getting the Infinity Stones particularly simple.

From the illusion, the Avengers would know that Thanos would willingly sacrifice his daughter for the Soul Stone, that they could stop him if Quill didn’t lose his cool, and that without the Time Stone, he’d never get the Mind Stone.

In short, Thanos could be stopped without negating everything that was said in interviews, while also sparing all of our heroes. It might just be wishful thinking, but it’d certainly be nice to have everyone safe in Avengers 4.

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