10 most used phrases in The 100 and what they mean

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The 100 — “Bodyguard of Lies” — Pictured: Grounders preparing for battle — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

3. “Blood must have blood.”

Another Grounder expression, also pandered towards war, however, this is mainly used to control law and order and settle disputes amongst the separate clans.

No matter the circumstance or motives, this expression lays down the fundamental law of the Grounders in which a life must be sacrificed when someone is murdered, or blood must be shed when a crime is committed.

Although the idea is brutal and can seem barbaric, this does solidify the Grounders’ community, keeps the laws fair and promotes peace. The phrase implements the idea that individual circumstances will not make a difference when a crime has been committed, and that every offender is treated equally, which is a clever way to prevent leaders of the clans from being corrupt or biased.

In realizing this phrase was part of the Grounders way of life in season 2, Clarke realized she had to assimilate to their rules if she wanted to join forces with them. This meant killing Finn, one of her own, for his crime of murdering several Grounders. This was a big step in creating a coalition with the Grounders, showing how important this belief is in the story.

With the position of the show at the minute, as the individual Grounder clans have been forgotten in the place of WonKru, it looks unsure whether this phrase will continue to be used. However, there must be Grounders that still have the belief deeply ingrained in their mind.