A Gryffindor is one because we want to be brave


When someone tells you that they are a Gryffindor, it is usually because they wanted to be one. They’re brave and that bravery stems from their desire to be in that house.

When you tell someone you’re a Gryffindor, you get a mix of reactions. Whether it is an eyeroll or someone thinking it is cool, being in the house known for their bravery isn’t always easy. Then again, most of us chose to be Gryffindors.

Sure, there are Gryffindors who didn’t pick the house. They’re just naturally brave. But part of the reason so many people see themselves as such is because we want to be brave. We want to see ourselves as the one who will run in to save the day.

That desire to be brave and to stand up for what is right is one of the main reasons a Gryffindor is…well…a Gryffindor. You wouldn’t see a Ravenclaw just running into a fight. They’d have to think it through and come up with a logical decision. A Hufflepuff would stand by your side but they wouldn’t lead the charge and a Slytherin probably wouldn’t be involved unless it pertained to them or their group.

So Gryffindors are such because we want to be the one who tries to change the world, no matter how misguided that may be. Basically, we’re the ones who yell “run into a fight first, ask questions later”. It doesn’t matter the cause or if it works for us, we’re going to sprint head on into a problem and then try and fix it from inside.

Which like not always great but hey, we’re Gryffindors. We’re not known for our planning.

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