25 best music video looks of the year (so far)

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“Heart to Break” – Kim Petras

German pop princess Kim Petras has been taking the pop world by storm since she released her first stateside single “I Don’t Want It At All” back in late 2017. She’s been rolling out bop after bop ever since, including her song “Heart to Break,” which is as infectiously poppy as can be in the best way.

In the music video for “Heart to Break,” Petras is a princess locked away in a purple crystal castle in the sky. She sings to the boy she knows will break her heart, but says that even if she ends up in shatters, she doesn’t care, she’ll give him her heart to break anyway. Sure enough, when he goes in for the kiss, the pop star turns to glass and shatters.

Kim Petras may be new to the scene, but she knows how to make a music video. For her first release, “I Don’t Want It At All,” she featured none other than Paris Hilton as her fairy godmother, so we knew she had to deliver a lot with her next video to compete with that. And she did!

First, she’s giving us inmate realness, when she’s tucked away in her tower. She’s wearing an oversize orange button down with “Handle with care / FRAGILE” sprawled across the front, along with her trademark side bangs and a long blonde ponytail.

Kim then switches it up with a tight pink mini dress and a white leather choker while she dances along to the undeniably catchy song. There can never be enough costume changes, so Kim goes for one more look with a white bustier, layered strings of pearls, some high-waisted powder blue pants, and a diamond studded belt.

If Kim Petras is giving us all these looks in her second video, we can’t wait to see what else is on its way from the 25-year-old singer!