Hufflepuffs: The few, the proud, the loyal, and the every constant


Particularly good finders, it is always fun to figure out which of your friends are Hufflepuffs. They’re always sweet and organized and usually kind.

Hufflepuffs often get a bad name in the Harry Potter world. Not in the same sense as Slytherins but rather because no one wants to be a Hufflepuff. They’re not particularly great at anything and, other than being loyal, their house doesn’t stand for much.

With Slytherin, you know you’re cunning. Gryffindors, we’re brave. Ravenclaws, their brains will help them and then, Hufflepuff. What exactly is a Hufflepuff? Besides being particularly good finders, you’ll probably notice a pattern in your Hufflepuff friends.

Or, at least, I did. All of my friends that identified as Hufflepuffs were the ones I knew I could count on, they’d always be there and probably be the ones who knew what was going on. Hufflepuffs have a way of being organized and prepared for anything.

Take, for instance, Cedric. He succeeded as far as he did in the Triwizard Tournament because he figured out how to complete each task. Maybe we give Hufflepuffs a bad name because there were so few focused on in the series. Sure, there were popular Puffs but they weren’t Luna Lovegood or our main trio. The Hufflepuffs were always secondary.

If we focused more on Cedric and Tonks during the series, those who were Hufflepuffs could be more vocal about their pride. Or maybe that’s the point, they don’t want to be. Puffs don’t need the world to know what they are, that’s our job as Gryffindors.

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So go out there and love your Hufflepuff friends. They’re usually the ones you can count on and will always be way more organized than you are.