25 of the most heartbreaking TV finales that make us cry every time

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Breaking Bad

Watching as Walter White realized his selfish ways was one of the more heartbreaking ends to a show. Breaking Bad followed the story of a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White (who was played by Bryan Cranston), and his need to help save his family.

In an effort to make more money, Walter decides to start a meth lab and thus becomes a kingpin in his own scheme. When he eventually loses everything, including his wife Skyler and their family, Walter finally has to admit to himself that he didn’t do this all for their family. He may have started the meth lab and everything to help, but in the end, he did it all because it made him feel alive.

At the end of the day, we had to say goodbye to Walter White in more ways than one. Not only was the show ending but, with the final episode came the death of Walter White. After all these seasons, he finally met his maker, which isn’t surprising since the beginning of the series told us that Walter only had months to live. It was inevitable and, with the end of Breaking Bad, it was only fitting that the end of Walter White came with it.