25 of the most heartbreaking TV finales that make us cry every time

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30 Rock

Maybe the greatest part of the 30 Rock finale was showing that Liz Lemon could be a working mom and be happy about it. Sure, Criss had to want to stay home, but even if he wouldn’t, there would have been some way to get Liz Lemon back at 30 Rock to TGS.

The finale was all about everyone’s unhappiness away from each other. Jack, even with his dream job, hated it. When Liz returned to pitch a new show, Kenneth told her that she had to do more TGS including Tracy, and the crew was, seemingly, back together again.

“Maybe I shouldn’t bring my ideas to NBC. I’ll go to cable where you can swear, and really take time to let moments land,” Liz states, making sure to knock NBC as much as she can. One of the beautiful things about 30 Rock was that it wasn’t afraid to make fun of itself or the station housing it. Much like all NBC comedies, 30 Rock fought for their place on television, and so they poked at the beast that is NBC every moment they could.

That makes it fitting that the finale was just the same as all the episodes before it, with Liz Lemon behind TGS and Jack by her side.