25 of the most heartbreaking TV finales that make us cry every time

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When a television series comes to an end, it can hurt everyone because we love them so much! So these are 25 of the most heartbreaking ends to TV shows.

Whenever a television show ends, we feel a kind of longing. TV shows bring us a sense of understanding that not many forms of entertainment can muster. Whether it is through a specific character or storyline, we as the audience can find something to enjoy.

So when a show finally comes to an end and we must say goodbye to our favorite characters, it can feel as if we are saying goodbye to a loved one. And it truly isn’t melodramatic to think that way. We are with these characters once a week and we learn more about their lives than we ever learn about those near us and it is absolutely incredible to see.

Looking at back at television, we’re going to talk about the 25 shows that truly ruined us with their endings. From completely killing off the entire cast to showing their lives for the next 50 years, these shows made sure to leave fans wanting more and crying when we realized that we were never going to get more of our favorites.