LEGOLAND New York: 8 themed lands build an awesome LEGO adventure


LEGOLAND New York has set out to make a huge brick-tastic adventure for fans. Are you ready for this awesome LEGO adventure?

LEGO has inspired generations with its bricks that foster creativity and imagination. At LEGOLAND New York, Merlin Entertainment looks to give a hugely awesome LEGO-inspired adventure. This theme park blends 50 rides, shows, and attractions into an experience that will exceed fans’ expectations.

At a recent Merlin Entertainment event, the family entertainment company unveiled the eight themed lands that will encompass LEGOLAND New York. These themed lands incorporate some LEGOLAND favorites as well as a few unique attractions for this theme park. As the company’s largest single park investment to date, this Northeastern theme park is expected to be a huge draw.

The eight themed lands for this theme park are: The Factory, Bricktopia, LEGO NINJAGO World, Heartlake City, Knights’ Kingdom, LEGO City, Pirate Shores, and Miniland. Some of the lands feature attractions and rides that are popular at other LEGOLAND locations and some lands feature attractions unique to the New York location.

An exclusive attraction to LEGOLAND New York will be the Great LEGO Adventure! This ride will have guests feeling transformed into an iconic minifigure. Located in The Factory, the concept is for riders to see and feel what it is like to become a minifigure. While fans might be familiar with the funny LEGO movies, this experience should be more realistic, not a fictional story. Still, it could be quite possible that riders might be singing “Everything Is Awesome” throughout the ride.

Merlin Entertainment has had huge success with its NINJAGO: The Ride. This ride will be included at the New York theme park. The interactive nature of this ride makes it fun for both kids and parents. It has video game-like qualities while bringing the favorite NINJAGO characters into the experience.

It is curious that Merlin Entertainment didn’t bring the Great LEGO Race VR Coaster to the New York location. This rollercoaster has been popular with guests. The VR technology has been adapted for younger riders or the ride can be enjoyed with the VR technology. Still, the experience is a lot of fun because it makes the younger guests feel they are part of a “big” person experience.

Even though rides are a huge draw, LEGOLAND never loses sight of the creative aspect of their brand. Throughout the parks, guests are encouraged to imagine. Whether it is learning tricks from Brick Masters to just playing with the exhibits, everyone is engaged with the experience, no devices needed.

Unlike LEGOLAND Florida, the New York location near Goshen, New York, will be operational seasonally only. While the on-site hotel will be open all year, the theme park wouldn’t be viable in the cold, winter months. It will be interesting to see if the theme park can stay open for Halloween. The LEGOLAND Brick or Treat is always popular with guests. From special performances to Halloween candy, this type of holiday event brings guests back for another experience.

Merlin Entertainment hopes to draw on visitors throughout the Northeast. Additionally, the brand has formed a partnership ShortLine Coach USA to provide direct transportation from New York City. It could make the theme park a day trip for New York City tourists.

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LEGOLAND New York isn’t slated to open till 2020. It is a long time to wait for this new theme park. Until then, break out some LEGOs and let your imagination go wild.