LEGO Star Wars fans have a new set to covet: Betrayal at Cloud City


Featuring more minifigs and settings than seems really possible for LEGO, Betrayal at Cloud City will keep Star Wars fans building all day long.

Never mind building the Millennium Falcon out of LEGO. Star Wars fans can now build the most important parts of Cloud City. Announced earlier today, the Betrayal at Cloud City set has not just one, two, or three sections — there are four of them. It’ll be available for LEGO VIPs on Sept. 13, with a wide release following on Oct. 1.

Since each section of the set actually encompasses multiple scenes set in Cloud City, you can do pretty much every scene, with a couple of exceptions. A miniature Millennium Falcon isn’t included, so you can’t have Han, Leia, Chewbacca, and C-3P0 land and be greeted by Lando Calrissian. Nor can you play out Leia finding Luke through the Force, since the vane he hangs on after getting his hand chopped off by Darth Vader is below the city itself, and this set sits flat on a table.

But pretty much everything else is there, including the platform where Vader reveals the truth about his and Luke’s relationships, so you’re welcome to warm up your voice to scream “no!” in your very best Mark Hamill impression. Check out a look at the full set below:

Betrayal at Cloud City LEGO set. Image provided by LEGO/Flashpoint PR.

This is also an absolute monster of a set at 2,812 pieces.

Here’s a closeup of the miniature Slave I that is included:

Betrayal at Cloud City LEGO set. Image provided by LEGO/Flashpoint PR.

It’s not a cheap set by any stretch of the imagination — it’ll run you $350. But for the amount of pieces you get and the amount of detail put in here, to the point of creating multiple minifigs for Leia and Han specifically to accommodate their different outfits, it seems pretty worth it so long as you save your credits.

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Or, just put it on your wishlist and hope someone will take pity on you.