13 tips for decorating your home the nerdy way

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If you aren’t a pillow person (is there really such a thing), then what about grabbing a decorative throw with something you get nerdy over. From NASA to Deadpool and Ducktales to Black Panther, there really are throws for every kind of fandom.

With throw blankets, you can have them folded up and put away if need be or even draped decoratively over the back of a chair or the couch. You can put throws on the bed to give a pop of fun to the bedroom too.

Whatever you choose to do or however you choose to get nerdy, throw blankets are a great way to show off any and all of your favorite things. And luckily Hot Topic really knows what us nerds want, because they have so many throws you won’t even know which one to choose. (We recommend not choosing and just getting them all — live your best life, right?)