Nostalgia: The look back at our childhood with Harry Potter and his friends


Harry Potter reminds us of growing up and what it means and it is important to remember that, while we are adults, there is still a childish wonder in us all.

When we look back on Harry Potter and his friends, it is usually with a sense of longing. That feeling never really hit me with anything else. That is until I saw Christopher Robin. A movie that reminded me of my time before Harry and his friends took over, I suddenly wanted to think back on the Harry Potter series.

We’re so used to having the series still lively and in our lives that we never really think about it took much. In fact, we take it for granted. It has always been there and, for that, we’re grateful. Then again, we’re just used to passing it off as something we know we can rely on.

Look at something like Christopher Robin’s journey into the Hundred Acre Woods though. When he stopped going, Pooh and his friends lost their way because they seemed unimportant. The same can be said with the Harry Potter series.

The first moment we stop talking about the series and what it means to us all is the moment we stop actually loving it in the way that he needs to be loved to survive. Luckily, we’re continually getting new Harry Potter content so it feels as if we can’t ever stop.

Which, will we ever stop loving Harry Potter? Already it has been years and we all still love this series more and more with each passing day.

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What are some other series that bring a sense of nostalgia to you? Sound off in the comments below with some of your favorites!