20 makeup products you will love heading into the fall

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NYX Suede Matte Lipstick

Do you love a matte lip look? Are you a fan of vibrant colors that pop? Then look no further than NYX’s suede matte lipsticks.

Not only are these lipsticks highly affordable at just $8 a pop, but they come in 24 shades for a wide variety of looks that are perfect for all skin tones. These lipsticks are truly amazing, as they are both lightweight and soft on the lips.

Plus, on top of looking good on, they look good in their tubes too. With a heart adorning the side of each tube featuring the color of the lipstick, you’ll always know what you’re grabbing out of your drawer or makeup case.

And of course, with such a unique blend of colors, from the trendy to the classic, you can showcase a new look every day.