Star Wars Episode IX: Domhnall Gleeson has also begun shooting


With word that General Hux himself is already working on Star Wars: Episode IX, could things start with the Dark Side once again?

The First Order ends Star Wars: The Last Jedi on something of a high note, but it hasn’t quite crushed the Resistance yet. After all, General Leia’s still around. But with news straight from Domhnall Gleeson himself to Brent Lang of Variety that he’s begun his work in Star Wars: Episode IX, one has to wonder if it’s a sign that the First Order will get to kick things off in Episode IX as well.

To be fair, movies don’t typically shoot in order, but keeping in mind that Adam Driver apparently was around for John Boyega to hug earlier this month, it seems that the villains are doing their work already in Episode IX. Presumably, the Hux-Kylo Ren rivalry will escalate still further, with Hux probably not enjoying Kylo’s new role as Supreme Leader any more than he does at the end of The Last Jedi.

Perhaps Hux will even try to stage a coup? That might be a little too complex for a movie that will have to wrap a lot of different things up, but it’s possible that J.J. Abrams could throw it in. After all, Gleeson did dub the movie “epic” when speaking to Lang. We’re not saying Hux will switch sides or anything silly like that — Hux is pretty committed to the ideals of the First Order — but that doesn’t prevent some attempts at backstabbing.

Sure, the Force is strong with Kylo Ren. That doesn’t make him invincible.

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Either way, mark one more cast member as hard at work on Episode IX, and hope that a few more tweets surface, like this one that shows Gleeson with none other than Daisy Ridley.

Episode IX started production for a Dec. 2019 release date earlier this month.