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1970 – Love Story

Want to cry about a love story that is incredibly touching but tragic? Love Story, starring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal, is the one for you.. but don’t watch thinking you’ll feel happy anytime soon afterward. You’d think, with a title like Love Story, this movie would make you want to rush out and fall in love right?

Well, clearly the 1970s were the time for us sad saps because this movie is truly one of the most tragic stories out there. When Oliver and Jenny fall in love in college, they want to be married no matter what. Oliver even willingly gives up his fortune to be with her.

So when they try and have kids and realize that they cannot, it seems like a normal sad movie. Don’t be fooled though! There are constant stabs to our heart with an ending that had audiences sobbing. “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” comes from Love Story and in context, makes you want to buy all the Kleenex.

A love story like no other, Love Story is one that every romantic needs to see at some point. Just be mentally prepared for this depressing love.