Spider-Man PS4’s open-world trailer is filled with Marvel Easter eggs


The open-world trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man packs a lot of Marvel Easter eggs in a little trailer. How many can you spot?

As a supplement to the absolutely heartbreaking Spider-Man rollercoaster we had to ride during Infinity War, the PS4 game Marvel’s Spider-Man is really panning out to be some good Spider-Man content for once in our lives.

The game doesn’t come out for another few weeks, but they’re dropping more and more info as we get closer to the release date. Earlier, that was in the form of a gameplay trailer. This time, we get to see more of the well-detailed map that Spidey gets to roam in this expansive game.

The trailer opens with the Daily Bugle’s J. Jonah Jameson, doing his best Alex Jones impression in what’s probably this world’s (hopefully tamer) version of Info Wars. The hot topic of the day is Spider-Man, and Peter Parker himself calls in to give his totally unbiased opinion on his web-slinging alter ego.

But while the two debate whether Spidey is good for New York City or not, the trailer shows off a variety of different New York locations spread throughout the game — some even being Marvel Easter eggs. See how many you can spot in the trailer, or read on below to see what the game has to offer.

The landmarks around New York look spectacular in this game. Quick shots show off spots like Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, and China Town, all looking extremely detailed and true to real life. This open-world already looks like it rivals Rockstar’s version of the New York City, Liberty City, in GTA IV. And it might be one of the most detailed versions of New York City in a video game to date.

But the Marvel location Easter eggs are truly the best part about this trailer. In one shot, you see Spider-Man zip past Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. In the next scene, Spider-Man flies past the sky-high Avengers Tower in midtown Manhattan. Of course, there’s an Oscorp Industries building featured in the game. And one fan in the comments even points out that Spidey even goes past what could be the Wakandan embassy — a building displaying several Wakanda flags on its outside.

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You’ll be able to explore Marvel’s own version of New York City when Marvel’s Spider-Man comes out on Sept. 4, exclusively on the PS4.